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In 2008, composer Alexis Bacon collaborated on a solo work for Greg as a result of a SEAMUS young composer commission. Having just been offered her first full time faculty position at West Texas A&M University in Amarillo, her ear perked up at the sound of cattle auctioneer calls coming over local radio stations. Intrigued, she went down to the auction house and fell in with a certain Jack Howell, an octogenarian auctioneer who granted her an interview that involved a life story and some sample calls.

Alexis went to work transforming his voice into the backdrop for ‘Cowboy Song,’ a wonderful 5’ minute solo percussion work that involves:

udu drum

conga drum



Currently, Alexis and her family live in Indiana. In the wake of the success of Cowboy Song, Due East and Ms. Bacon have recently premiered a substantial three-movement work that continues this project that explores vocal traditions in the United States that are falling out of fashion. The new work is entitled, “Yodeling Song” and is based on interviews with two gentlemen living in and among the Amish in Eastern Indiana.

We’ll be posting audio and video of this new work very soon.

Alexis Baconhttp://www.wallyswist.com/

“How does the very sound of a human voice transmit culture, knowledge, wisdom and tradition?”

Cowboy Song Video